About Us

The Belgian Living History Association is actually created from a circle of friends. For several years we roamed all vehicle and re-enactment events, and after a while we came to the conclusion that we wanted to expand our hobby on the establishment of a private non-profit organization was actually indispensable. In the summer of 2005, we came together with five people and we started brainstorming about how and what we could realise.

We've bundled all experience from the recent years and from there on we finally made our structure and our writter statutes. We have an association with a general assembly and a board of directors. To work out the different groups (British, American, Belgian, German, etc.) better we have several working groups within the association which has its own specific theme.

A working group is led by a working group responsible. This group controls the working group responsible in all aspects, under the supervision of the board of directors of the association. The BLHA is officially established on February 12, 2006 and the Articles of Association were filed on February 13, 2006. Our association strives for quality in uniforms, vehicles, equipment, and performance.